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100% of funds raised via the Petali Fragrances website go to Project Flamingo for CANCER CARE

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Project Flamingo and Petali Fragrances

Why do we choose to support PROJECT FLAMINGO?

Like many South Africans, we have either personally been affected by breast cancer or know of so many other individuals touched by this horrendous disease. We would like to take this opportunity and use our platform to propagate awareness and to try to pay it forward by helping someone who really needs it.


Project Flamingo strongly believes that every cancer patient deserves timely treatment and support regardless of their background and circumstances. Dr Liana Roodt is the founder, director and hands-on surgeon. ‘She is a rare combination of dreamer and doer’. She started Project Flamingo in 2010 after seeing a much needed gap in the public health sector. Her idea blossomed and inspired friends and colleagues, who formed a trusted team to help her provide quality and compassionate cancer care to all.

What do they do?

  • Perform Breast Cancer surgeries at 5 Public Hospitals across Western & Eastern Cape
  • Provide newly-diagnosed patients with Pamper Packs
  • Provide continued operational support for Groote Schuur Breast Unit
  • Produce and supply Food Parcels for chemotherapy patients in need
  • Ongoing breast cancer advocacy & education
  • Provide life-changing stoma reversal surgeries at Groote Schuur Hospital

How can you help?

Our goal is to sponsor a catch-up surgery for a lady desperately needing this life altering surgery. We would like to raise R9000 by the end of this year or you can support the Project Flamingo directly.


Petali Fragrances offer a unique collection of fragrances inspired by popular brands Please be aware that while our scents are designed to mirror the essence of these well-known fragrances, they are not associated with, nor do they have any endorsement from, the original brand names or their trademark holders. Our products are independently developed to offer similar scent experiences, standing as separate and original creations. References made to name brand fragrances on our site are solely for the purpose of comparison and should not be interpreted as a connection or relationship with those brands.

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Please Donate to Project Flamingo

For more information on the PROJECT FLAMINGO website please follow their absolute stellar efforts in affording cancer care to those who cannot afford it.

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